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Calculating Sound Waves in Mayonnaise
Aug 20, 2021
One minute read

Universal Wave Equation Example

According to r/EngineeringStudents, the speed of sound in mayonnaise is 2613 \(\textrm{ms}^{-1}\). According to Scientific American, a soprano's frequency range could be between 250 and 1500 Hz, so let's see what the wavelength of a 1200 Hz soprano tone would be as it passes through mayonnaise.

Our equation for the speed of a wave:

\[v = \lambda f\]

Insert values.

\[2613 \textrm{ ms}^{-1} = \lambda (1200 \textrm{ Hz}).\]


\[\lambda = \frac{2613\textrm{ ms}^{-1}}{1200\textrm{ Hz}} \approx 2.18 \frac{\textrm{m}}{\textrm{s Hz}}.\]

Since Hz \(= \frac{1}{\textrm{s}}\), the units cancel and our answer is 2.18 m.

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