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Some links about RSS feeds
Jul 7, 2023
2 minutes read

Since I wrote Time for RSS to shine again I keep finding more resources and articles about how to take advantage of RSS to stay organized online. What’s old is new again, folks. Next thing you know, I will be posting about the newest release of Netscape Navigator. GET THE NET!

The RSS Advisory Board is suddenly posting blogs after years of dormancy. One recent post of interest was Every Mastodon User Has an RSS Feed. Turns out, all you have to do is add .rss at the end of a Mastodon user’s profile to get the feed. You can also do this with hashtag searches.

Tara Calishain published a 4,000 word guide to RSS feeds on ResearchBuzz. Everything about how to use RSS feeds: discovering them, generating them, reading them, etc.

Finally, a really interesting article from The Verge: The death of Google Reader.

“For a while, the internet got away from what Google Reader was trying to build: everything moved into walled gardens and algorithmic feeds, governed by Facebook and Twitter and TikTok and others. But now, as that era ends and a new moment on the web is starting to take hold through Mastodon, Bluesky, and others, the things Reader wanted to be are beginning to come back. There are new ideas about how to consume lots of information; there’s a push toward content-centric networks rather than organizing everything around people. Most of all, users seem to want more control: more control over what they see, more knowledge about why they’re seeing it, and more ability to see the stuff they care about and get rid of the rest.”

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