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Some personal news…
Dec 1, 2018
One minute read

For six months now, I’ve been doing double duty in my local blogging activities. In addition to editing, I also took over for my friend Glen Gower, who ran (successfully) for city council.

With the election behind us, it was time to re-evaluate and I’m thrilled to share the result of the last month or so of work.

I will be stepping away from, which is getting new owners, and I will be taking ownership of!

I am very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve enjoyed from these two sites, more than two years since I began contributing to as a student at Sacred Hearth Catholic High School. It was this initial experience in journalism that has led me to where I am today – and got me into sister site, which I’m now taking over entirely. is an incredible story, started in 1998 by Gower and has been evolving ever since to continue reflecting our growing city. I look forward to helping it grow more and open a brand new chapter.

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