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Three things I learned writing a company newsletter
Oct 27, 2018
2 minutes read

I recently helped launch a quarterly company newsletter. Here’s three useful things I learned about doing it:

It takes longer than you’d think - The process for doing an employee newsletter seems straightforward: Get some story ideas, write the darn things, lay it all out and send. But if you care about the quality of the final product, all these steps are going to take time. If you’re laying out your internal newsletter in a nice format, be sure to take extra time for multiple versions and to proof for error

Have a clear vision before you start - It took a long time, and getting the first edition off the ground is always going to be tough, but we enjoyed a relatively straightforward process because we had a clear sight of what kind of newsletter we were looking to produce. So whether you’re launching something brand new or just getting ready for the next edition, having vision is an absolute must. Which brings us to #3…

Consider audience - Think about who is going to read your newsletter and why. What will they be looking for in each edition and how can you provide it?

Update: Great comment to this piece from BR Ravishankar via Twitter: Make sure there is a buy-in from the intended audience. “My experience says that there needs to be a collective desire for such newsletter (or, acceptance needs to be drummed up) in order for the new initiative to be sustainable. Otherwise, it will be one more “management initiative” that will be seen as thrust-upon the staff!”

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