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How to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies with these three simple words (a life hack)
Dec 7, 2018
One minute read

Sick of people in crowded public areas not hearing your meek pleas of “pardon me” and lame cries of “excuse me please”?

It is commonly misunderstood that these are phrases effectively used politely and gently. Wrong.

No, for real results you must transform them into tools of intimidation, to be barked aggressively at all who dare to get in your way — all the while continuing to barrel your way forward.

Not sure how to tackle? Follow my simple steps and soon you will be taking control of the situation anywhere; on the bus, at the mall – even at crowded Ottawa Senators games.

Apply confidence, loudness and authority to your voice. Then make your exhortation:


Then simply watch the people part like the Red Sea. Some may even bow down to you as their new overlord.

And for those poor souls who fail to heed your warning? Well, we have a solution for that too.

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