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About Devyn Barrie

I am an honours mathematics student, minoring in physics, at the University of Ottawa. I have some pretty broad interests, including engineering, information technology, programming and writing, so the purpose of this blog is to share things I find interesting. I am also a freelance content writer, focusing in two areas: content marketing and technical communication.

I transitioned to scientific study via my background in journalism. After graduating Algonquin College with a diploma of journalism in 2018, I became involved in content marketing and technical writing. Some of the things I have worked on include brochures, newsletters, webpages, blogs, engineering bulletins and even a 200-page technical book on HVAC application!

Why Hire a Mathematician as Your Writer?

As someone who studies mathematics, I am certainly used to being perceived as "just" a numbers person. In reality, my career has been a multi-disciplinary continuum that has taken me from on-the-ground local journalism, to multi-brand content, and to the abstract structures and principles of math and science. These varied experiences have all contributed in a different way to my professional development as a writer, directly or indirectly. Many people find it surprising when I tell them that the study of higher mathematics involves a lot of writing! While mathematical writing has many unique characteristics—and gets quite technical at times—it is fundamentally about communicating ideas to an audience. This is, after all, what writing is meant to do.

So indeed, why not hire a mathematician for your writing project, especially one with a great background in journalism, content marketing, and technical writing?

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